The last time we discussed screen options, we focused on the WordPress Dashboard screen. Today, we are focusing on the posts list screen and post editor. These areas are most likely used for your website’s blog. When I refer to the posts list screen, I refer to the screen seen at the “All Posts” link in your admin menu. It is where you see all your available draft, pending, or published posts. When I refer to the post editor, it is where you are editing an individual post. Both screens offer a variety of options to customize what you see within the UI. Posts Lists Out of the box, there are five checkbox options and a numeral input available. The five checkboxes are: Author Categories Tags Comments Date Each checkbox corresponds to a column seen in the post list table below. When you check any of them “off,” the column is removed. Plugins are capable of adding their own columns and checkboxes. This means there may be more than just these five in your own website. Just like the defaults, though, un-checking them will remove the column. The other option available on the lists screen is the numeral input. It allows you to alter the total amount of posts shown on the screen at a given time,
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