Jetpack is one of those plugins that people love to hate. Let’s be honest, it’s bloated. It has a lot of options in it and a ton of features that, in my opinion, probably would be better off in separate plugins. That said, there are some really useful aspects of Jetpack, and I’ve used it on a few occasions. We’re actually using it here on WP Site Care because it’s the easiest way to integrate‘s sharing button. There are a couple other reasons, but that’s the main one. Since I’d like to be able to use some of the functionality in Jetpack, I’ve tried to find ways to use it without loading everything. Last week, I came across a great post by Jeremy Herve on how to change the way Jetpack loads some of its modules. He does an awesome job explaining how they’ve built in tons of filters to allow developers to interact with Jetpack. He even provides some sample code for unsetting modules that you don’t want to activate. One thing that I felt the post was lacking was a list of the modules currently available in Jetpack, so I did a bit of code hackery and got the list myself. In order to follow along with this post, you’ll obviously need to download and install Jetpack first. You
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