WordPress is a content management software, and content means texts, information, sharing stories. Are images associated with that? Most certainly. Although books can go without a single image throughout the whole book, websites and blogs of any kind are usually more versatile and good stories require good pictures to complement the overall essence of the story being told. Talking about a vacation in a beautiful country without sharing any of the pictures that were taken during this vacation, make a fairly weak story, and people will not be as receptive towards sharing it with their friends, as they would be if high-quality images were embedded alongside the original story. Images can often rescue your articles / posts from complete disaster, especially when it comes to tutorials and technical guides. Many webmasters find it easier to understand when a picture complements a particular piece of content. How exactly do you insert images in your WordPress posts and what else should you know about images on the web in general? Let’s find out. Inserting an image in a WordPress post Whenever you click the Posts => Add New button in your WordPress dashboard, you’re greeted with a page that
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