The majority of the Delicious Brains team use (everyone except Brad!), the PHP IDE from JetBrains, as their go-to code editor, development environment, and all-round PHP best friend. Many people (like Brad!) swear by using a lean and fast code editor like Sublime Text, and would find PhpStorm much slower, larger and possibly daunting to use. However, as an integrated development environment, PhpStorm offers so much more than just editing code. In this article I will walk you through some the features that make it great for WordPress development and show you why I, and many others, love it. WordPress Integration As of version 8.0, PhpStorm introduced some very neat WordPress integration which makes using PhpStorm for WordPress plugin, theme, and site development even easier. A complete rundown of the new WP features can be found here. PhpStorm now recognizes a WordPress related project and will ask you to point it in the direction of your installation path. It will also check to see if you want to add the installation to the PHP Include paths: This will enable the IDE to fully understand the WordPress codebase giving you some excellent benefits. If your wp-content directory is outside
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