WordPress has changed my life. Wait! It’s not the religious type of change, but it was a very good change, so hear me out. While it wasn’t the reason I got into blogging, developing, and designing, it got me into becoming more focused on making more meaningful relationships with people. I listened to a lot of people, in fact, thousands of people, over the last 14 years on my blog. I’ve learned a lot from reading the comments, and talking with my readers. To this very day, I’m still learning! Years ago, when I moved from b2 cafelog to WordPress, it’s because I saw a community wanting to step behind a project and let it evolve. I grew with other people who were wanting to do something with WordPress, whether build plugins or themes, or teach others on how to use it. I grew and learned from people building a business that was WordPress-focused. In early 2007, something major happened in my life. I went through a divorce. It was rough. While I worked a full time factory job, was building my freelance business, and had a family to take care of, I had nothing to my name, except my computer, my clothes, and my car. It was hard to do anything for the first year after the divorce. I cried a
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