In part 1 of this series we looked at how to store and manage your WordPress site in Git. In parts 2 and 3 we looked at using Composer and Git Submodules to manage the themes and plugins in your WordPress site. In this final part of the series we’re going to look at how we can improve what we did in part 1 and store WordPress itself in a subdirectory using Composer or a Git Submodule. WordPress as a Dependency What are the advantages of storing WordPress in a subdirectory? Well, by treating WordPress itself as a dependency you can make the structure of your Git repo more modular and clean. By keeping WordPress out of your Git repo, you don’t have to replicate the code and updates become much easier as you don’t have to commit updates to WordPress as part of your workflow. Iain covered some of the benefits in his post when he detailed how to install WordPress core in a subdirectory using WP-CLI or Composer. In this post we’re going to build on his Composer example and also have a look at how to do it using Git Submodules. Restructuring WordPress No matter which direction you choose when installing WordPress in a subdirectory there is a certain amount of restructuring that needs to be
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