Today, I’d like to introduce our latest addition to the 40k+ pile of plugins in repository – Content Cards. As it says in the description, this plugin makes ordinary web links great by making it possible to embed a beautiful Content Card to link to any web site. Unlike the oEmbed API feature plugin, that was just proposed to be merged into the WordPress Core, Content Cards tackles the problem of creating rich content cards out of simple links from the other end. Instead of trying to provide a new way for the embeding side to get information (oEmbed endpoint), we focused on using the information that most modern websites already provide – Open Grahp meta data. Open Graph is a meta data format, that was introduced by Facebook and is now used by most mayor social networks to generate those nice, rich link previews whenever you try to share a link. Like in a picture below. You only paste in a link, and Facebook grabs an image, a title and a description from the website automatically. For this system to work, the website in question has to provide the required information via special in its HTML. There are quite a few WordPress plugins that set those tags for you automatically
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