Categories WordPressTags growth, ingot, announcements, products Recently I was setting up a MailChimp campaign and the MailChimp interface asked me if I wanted to run an A/B test. Of course I do, MailChimp. You’ve got to A/B test everything. I’ve been on the internet, I know that to be the truth. So, I started setting up an A/B test for subject line, but then it occurred to me that I already did that. I wasn’t sure so I looked through my campaigns and found I was right. So then I set up another test of course, because thou shalt A/B test all the things. Then it came time to enter my from line, so I had to look up what had one last time. This is why I never A/B test and I hardly ever read my Google Analytics — I don’t have time for that. Read it, analyze it, apply what I’ve learned on my site and then start the testing over again. I’m already doing too many things, I want to set up all of the different options and let my site figure out over time what converts best and use that. So, speaking of doing too many things at once, I wrote that plugin. Meet Ingot Ingot is the “do less, convert more” tool that anyone who wants to make more sales, get more downloads, increase their email list
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