As discussed in length previously we are introducing the new Pro category. The purpose of this category is to open our reach a little bit without losing our identity as the go-to place for exploring the WordPress ecosystem. Basically the articles submitted to the new Pro category should answer a simple question: Does this article help a WordPress professional? This means that the article falls under one of the categories we already have (Development, Security, Business, Community... ) just is not strictly related to WordPress, yet it would have an application in the WordPress (professional) world. Vova Feldman gave a great example: "For instance, an article about coding practices in Java is not relevant for MWP. Having said that, a cover of PHP7 upcoming features is very relevant, even if WordPress is not mentioned at all in the post. " We are going to be super careful and super selective about the content here and I wouldn't be able to do this without the help of two new moderators: Tom Harrigan and Jason Resnick Tom is the most influential person on according to our statistics so I beleive we will be in good hands. And finally take a peek at the new Pro category:
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