Introducing version 1.9 of vv! In the WordPress world, quite a few developers use Varying Vagrant Vagrants for their local development environments. Just under a year ago, I started building Variable VV, a tool to help people leverage VVV and make it easier to use. A quick history In case you’re not familiar with Variable VVV (vv), it is mostly used to automate the set up of custom local sites on top of VVV. vv also does quite a bit more. When I started, I built it as the spiritual successor to Alison Barrett’s vvv-site-wizard, which was the go to solution for this. There were a few bugs in this I wanted to fix, as well as some features. Since this initial release, I’ve added countless features, fixes, and functionality. And as such, has become the standard site creation wizard for almost everyone using VVV. Since the first release in December of 2014, there have been a lot of really changes and fixes put into the project. I’m really excited for how far it has come. Some of the major updates that have been released so far: 1.0 – Initial stable release 1.1 – Added deployments 1.2 – Added automatic updates 1.3 – Initial stable release. 1.4 – Added basic Blueprints for defining a site’s
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