For over 4 years, I’ve worked at Crowd Favorite. When I began working here, the company was solely-owned by Alex King. Though he is no longer with us, he serves as a role-model and an inspiration for much of my approach to my career, and I would feel remiss not expressing my thoughts on how he has influenced me. About Alex Alex was one of the best developers I’ve had the privilege to work with. He worked through the .com bubble in Silicon Valley, invented the share icon, helped develop the core blogging framework that would become WordPress, and built a reputation for excellence and pride both in his own work and in the work that was done within his company. As a developer, and as an employer, Alex had high expectations on himself and his employees. He pushed everyone he worked with to do their best, almost always beyond their comfort and sometimes even beyond their limits. Very little that was less than perfect was good enough. More than once, I witnessed products we branded get delayed due to perfection paralysis. If it didn’t meet his vision, it wasn’t yet ready for it to be seen by others. Alex built his reputation on his excellence, on his demands, and that he would go to the same
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