Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen: the Orion dashboard has been released! Under normal circumstances I’d hit you with a couple of paragraphs of behind-the-scenes, blood-sweat-tears-and-coffee text, to get you pumped. Not today. Today I only talk about the Orion dashboard. Enjoy. The Mirror Concept Orion is the future of website management, but our number one priority is your workflow. If we simply replaced the current ManageWP dashboard with Orion, some of the tools you need would be missing, and you’d have to spend time to adapt your workflow. This is really bad for everyone. This is why we came up with the mirror mode: Your ManageWP dashboard is linked to your Orion dashboard. Whenever you add or remove a website, the change will apply on your Orion dashboard as well. This way you are free to explore Orion, but when you need things done ASAP, your familiar ManageWP dashboard is there for you. To keeps things simple and robust, we disabled the option of adding and removing websites directly from Orion. This is a temporary measure that will remain in effect until the ManageWP dashboard gets phased out. Getting to Your Orion dashboard Your Orion and ManageWP are linked – if
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