I recently submitted my first free theme to WordPress.org. Kent is a theme I made for wordpress.com. It’s been code reviewed by the team there and is in use on a few hundred sites. I was considering selling it on Creative Market, but instead decided to add it to wordpress.org and try to use it to build some brand awareness for my premium themes. Since the theme had been reviewed by the wordpress.com team I knew the code was solid but unfortunately the review didn’t go quite as smoothly as I had imagined. Theme Check Errors I first attempted to submit the theme on the 1st of July. However it failed on the theme tags. I was aware of the theme tags because they also use them on wordpress.com – however as I found out – the allowed tags are different between .com and .org. The only reference I could find to the allowed tags for wordpress.org was a short comment on the theme development page on the codex that said to find the theme search filter on wordpress.org and use the tags there. I have since found the correct list of allowed tags in the Theme Review Handbook and updated the Codex to point to the right place. Submission Successful Once the tags were correct I got an email saying I had
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