NewsPress is an attempt to consolidate a lot of the thinking currently around using WordPress in a newsroom production capacity. Is this aiming to build a product, be it a theme/plugin/combo, etc. that can be used anywhere, or a definition of a HappyTables-esque SaaS (or is that part of the discovery)? All code will exist at, though we may register NewsPress as its own org at some point. (I had thought about suggesting this). This document is intended to discuss various ideas around this, and to collaborate with other newsrooms towards finding the best possible solutions for as wide a group as possible. Suboptimal Bits of WordPress These are components of WordPress that would need to be adjusted in some fashion by the NewsPress plugin infrastructure: Crops, it should be easier to add multiple crops and there should be more control over them, that's quite important for news orgs Any consideration for making drafts of a live page (i.e. so a page can be edited but the changes not committed for publishing straight away). It would be interesting to try and build a membership system into it, so people could effectively create monetised / paywalled sites
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