Every great once in a while, you meet someone who has overcome in the face of impossible odds. Often they are quiet — living life away from the spotlight, savoring each day, happy to be alive. I met such a man at WordCamp Denmark, in Copenhagen. His name was Holger. And this is his story. I remember the first time we spoke. It was in a speed networking session. Each of us had a question we were supposed to ask someone else. My question for him was this: “What was the latest project you built in WordPress?” That is how I came to know his story. Holger told me that for six years, between 2009 and 2015, he has been lying in a hospital bed, receiving experimental drugs to fight an as yet untreatable illness, hepatitis C. Holger’s story starts at five In Holger’s words: I have been sick for many years. I have a virus in my blood that causes hepatitis C. It happened back in 1961, when I was five. I got hit by a car and spent many months in the hospital. I had to have many operations as the surgeons tried to put everything back where it belonged. Slowly, his condition worsened, until in 1999 he had to leave his last job. It had become too difficult to move and it took him too long to complete
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