Nelio Software is a small start-up based in Barcelona, focused on offering WordPress services and products. One of the things that better define who we are is our passion and enthusiast. We love what we do, and we love doing our work on top of WordPress. You could say we’re WordPress enthusiasts. Otherwise, we wouldn’t offer WordPress-based services solely, would we? We believe that one can make a living with WordPress! And you know what? We are! Our conversion rate optimization service, which has been designed for WordPress from scratch, has become our main source of income. WordPress is helping us so much that we feel like we have to give something back to it. In fact, contributing to WordPress as much as we can is one of our goals as a company, and that’s something we already talked about when we discussed Nelio’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Today I want to focus on our local community—the Spanish WordPress Community—and our contributions there. We’re located in Barcelona, one of the most beautiful cities all over the globe and, as it turns out, a perfect place for entrepreneurship. During the past months, we’ve been attending several WordPress-related events here in Spain.
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