Categories WordPress, ArticlesTags community, narrative, awesome, why, journey Being told no sucks. No matter how hard I orient myself around the perspective that being wrong is the best learning experience, being told no one wants what I am trying to sell is hard. I’ve been thinking a lot about conversion rates recently. Not just because I sell things online, but because I have two upcoming product announcements that are about boosting conversion rates. You know, the awesome thing about conversion rates is we talk about winning 10% of the time. Not losing 90% of the time. If your target conversion rate it is 10% and you hit that you have a “the glass is full enough for us to drink” outlook, not a “the glass is quantifiably speaking, less than half full” view of the world. Yesterday, I shared a draft of a post I’m working on about one of those products with my team and they called it “good persuasive writing.” I hadn’t thought of it as persuasive writing, I just did what I do — write a story about something I’m working on. I’m not telling you what these two new products are, yet. I’m taking you along for a narrative journey to them. If You Need WordPress Sales Copy Done Right, Talk
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