Whenever someone brings up Jetpack in a discussion, one thing is inevitable – someone calling it a bloated thing that is solely responsible for slowing their website, the whole internet and causing the global warming. The same thing recently happened at Advanced WordPress Facebook group, an it got me thinking. WordPress developers either love or hate Jetpack. Some say it provides a lot of essential functionality in a single package and it is not slow. Others call it bloated, slow and full on unnecessary stuff. Both sides might have a point, but when it comes to cold hard data, nobody can provide some to prove their point. Everything is based on personal experiences and anecdotical evidence. When BruteProtect got acquired by Jetpack, they did an interesting study of comparing Jetpack performance to that of similar popular plugins. But I think some of its assumptions and choices were flawed and the data was not quite granular enough to call it a proper study. And, of course they are pretty much an interested party in this, so being objective could be hard for them, too. So that got me thinking – what if somebody did a proper study? Picked feature-wise comparable plugins, and ran tests
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