This is the third draft of the Shortcode API Roadmap. It describes in broad terms the changes that might take place across versions 4.4 through 4.6. This roadmap gives notice to plugin developers that significant changes in plugin design may be needed for compatibility with future versions of the Shortcode API. This roadmap also identifies steps taken to minimize the impact on plugin developers to allow most plugins to continue working with only small changes. This roadmap is based on decisions made at meetings, feedback received on previous posts, and consultation with the core developers. Our need for a roadmap arose from specific problems in the old code. There are performance problems in parsing shortcodes, and we need to fix those problems with backward compatibility in mind. Recent security patches illustrated the problem of not being proactive about security hardening. Bloat in content filters is another big problem that complicates efforts to correct problems. Please comment on this new draft. We will have another meeting Wednesday at 17Z, which is 2015-10-14 1700. 4.4 – New Restriction on Shortcode Names There is only one item on the 4.4 Milestone. It helps us move toward our
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