WordPress interviews are generally uninteresting. Why? Because there is only one Barbara Walters. And she’s not a member of the WordPress community. So when Jeff Chandler, the man behind the legendary WP Tavern news site, agreed to my request for an interview, I was afraid — afraid of asking a very interesting person the same old boring questions that I’ve seen deflate other interviews. Then I had an epiphany. Enter WP Chat, where I asked other WordPress people to come up with their best questions for Jeff. And they did… Writing What got you into writing? — Michael Beil It started years ago in my teen years when I discovered content management systems via PostNuke and phpNuke. I participated in a clan in the CounterStrike, Battlefield 1942 days and while I didn’t know how to code or install themes, I knew how to use the editors to write content. I reported on our competitive matches and wrote about news items during the week relevant to the games we played such as updates or new mods. This helped me develop a knack for writing content. I ended up discovering a blog network site that is similar to WordPress.com called EFx2 which was a blogging project setup by one individual. It allowed
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