Few days before WordCamp Europe 2015 I wrote to Matt asking for 100.000 USD and telling him I’d be in Seville, venue of the WordCamp 2015, hoping to discuss my request in person there. This was completely out of the blue (but hopefully not the reason why he showed up in Seville with a new greyish hair look). Matt and I had never met in the past nor had common friends that could introduce me to him but he is known to be approachable so I thought it was worth a try. And indeed, after his Q&A session, I was able to have a chat with him. Did I get the money? Answer at the end but first things first, let me explain you what I wanted the money for. My original email request Dear Matt, I’m Jordi Cabot, a Research Professor in Barcelona with a research focus on software engineering and, in the last couple of years, a special interest in software analytics. I´ll be at WCEU giving the talk Looking at WordPress through the eyes of a Software Researcher (current version of the slides) What is my goal? I want to use software analytics’ tools and techniques developed by myself or other researchers to improve WordPress. By “improve” I mean both, the code itself and the the way the WP community collaborates
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