In VersionPress 2.0, apart from sync / staging and revamped UI, we also took a look at a long-standing issue we have with the db.php drop-in. This blog post will be a bit technical but the TL;DR is that we will now be able to run side-by-side with some popular plugins like W3 Total Cache or Query Monitor and generally work on sites that need to use the database drop-in for some reason. The problem VersionPress needs to observe database operations quite closely because whatever goes there, also needs to be potentially stored in the Git repository. Some other plugins like VaultPress depend solely on WP hooks & filters but that was not good enough for us for two main reasons: Hooks don’t cover everything. While they might cover a lot, maybe something like 95%, we need to track the site as a whole, i.e., 100%. Third-party plugins are a problem here because they usually don’t provide hooks, or not many of them. So we need to be quite close to the database and observe the traffic that goes into it. Unfortunately, while WordPress provides many extensibility points at a higher level, there are very few of them at the low, database level. In fact, there are only two, both added way back in 2007
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