If you’ve been paying attention to the CMS scene lately, you’ve probably heard the terms “headless” and “decoupled.” These terms describe websites and applications where the CMS is not used to render the actual site or application. For instance, it could be a website where the front-end is a JavaScript framework like AngularJS or React, and the CMS supplies the content via a JSON API. A List Apart recently hosted a very timely and informative ALA On Air panel titled “Love Your CMS,” which touched on the topic and sparked good discussion around the pros and cons of the approach. I recommend watching the archived video (or reading the provided transcript). I found it instructive to hear Ryan Irelan talk about the difference between “headless” and “decoupled,” and why he considers them to be related but not exactly the same. At Bluecadet, we didn’t set out to do headless CMS development for its own sake. We were curious about it and could see the potential benefits, but we only ended up doing it when it solved specific problems we faced on two very different projects. The first was a website for Haruki Murakami. We wanted to create as seamless an experience as possible, which meant experimenting
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