I begun to think about my progression with WordPress development as couple of major hops. It is not something I felt as it happened, but retrospective brought some clarity to it. So what where the hops between? I came to define it as ages of WordPress code, both for timeline and progress aspects. After some pondering I had come up with three. Procedural age Procedural (consisting of functions) code is old and fundamental layer of WordPress core. Commitment to backwards compatibility had kept it in focus and growing for many years. It influenced WordPress extensibility with hooks system and theme development with Template Tags API. I credit Template Tags API with much of WordPress success. It offers low learning curve and makes it trivial to start tinkering. But procedural code encourages mere memorization and code reuse over actual development. It had spawned thousands of functions and endless plague of code snippets. Procedural breakdown Pro easy to get started with gets things done Con verbose hard to document technically shallow Faux OOP age Once you dig a little deeper there is a layer of class/object code in WordPress too. The nuance is — it is far from what would actually be considered
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