Here at Delicious Brains Inc., the entire team enjoys the perks of remote work. Personally, I love having the freedom to start and end my day pretty much whenever I want, but there are some downsides to that lack of structure in my day: I find it hard to remember to do things that would otherwise be a part of a more structured daily routine such as walking my dogs or going to the gym. I’m sure that a number of readers are shouting at their monitors something like “JUST USE CLEAR!” or, “HAVEN’T YOU HEARD OF SIRI!?” But here’s the thing: traditional reminders or todo apps just don’t seem to work for me. They’re too easy to ignore, or quickly become a part of the noise of reminders, banners, alerts, and notifications that my devices seem to throw at me every few minutes. On the other hand, checking my text messages is already habit for me and I can leverage it to create some new, healthier habits. I could probably find an app to just email every day and be done with it, but ever since work started on WP Offload S3 we’ve been working with Amazon Web Services quite a bit, so I’ve decided to take this opportunity to look into one of the other AWS services: Amazon SNS.
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