I’m happy to announce that VersionPress 2.0 has been released! This release brings the much awaited database sync functionality that is key for things like easy staging, team workflows etc., as well as a major update to a user interface that is now completely JavaScript-based. There were also a host of other improvements and generally, VersionPress 2.0 is a big update over the spring v1 release. Database synchronization One of the hardest things in WordPress is to handle multiple instances of a site. For example, you would ideally want to have a dev version of a site, then probably some sort of staging and then the live site. It is easy to create all these environments but really hard to merge between them. Why? Because of the database. Some tools help with that to some degree but it is generally an unpleasant task, until VersionPress 2.0. Database synchronization is a culmination of our work so far. I’ve written a detailed blog post on it which I encourage you to read but the TL;DR is: VersionPress can clone sites & merge them back together effortlessly. Not just their files but also their databases. The merge is the killer feature here, as it just works most of the time. VersionPress
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