Over the last nine years, Envato has grown from a site run from a garage in Australia to a global creative ecosystem with millions of authors and buyers from all over the world. One of our focuses in our annual roadmap this year has been to develop a platform to support and prepare for the next stage of Envato's global growth. To do this, we've recently made the big decision to expand overseas. It almost goes without saying that the US is a key market for any digital business and our industry. We think there’s great opportunities to expand Envato there, and so we’ve chosen the US as the first international market to set up in. Along with more growth opportunities, being in the US will help us service US buyers with more targeted payment methods leading to better conversion rates and happier buyers. This requires some important changes to how US buyers, and all authors, affiliates and Envato Studio providers interact with Envato. We’re announcing this almost three months ahead of the US launch date to give you time to plan and prepare. Envato US As of January 1st 2016, all Envato Market US users will pay and be paid by our US company. This should make very little practical difference
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