Medium announced some impressive changes today to its service to foster its future growth, which made me start paying a lot more attention to the service. So much, in fact, that I’ve decided to move my personal blog over. I’ve always run my own blogs, be it on WordPress, Svbtle, Squarespace or even a Jekyll-based setup, but I’m ready to jump on the Medium bandwagon head-first. In the past, I’ve dabbled in publishing on Medium and saw interesting results, but never went all-in because I couldn’t customize the site fully (in particular, not having a ‘brand’ for the blog was a sticking point), or have my own custom domain. When Medium launched, I cried wolf that people should own their own content and platform, but I’m now convinced that the service is worth embracing because the way it works as a platform and social network ultimately means your work gets in front of more people. Running a blog is a time investment — not only into the design itself, but the hosting, distribution and the part where you actually write. Medium is helping in every area, by removing all that friction between you and actually saying something. Publishing on Medium almost guarantees your work will get seen;
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