In the early days, WordPress earned it’s fame by showcasing the power of “democratizing publishing” by putting the power of content into the hands of you and me, rather than only news agencies or corporations. One way they showcased that power was with the “Blogroll”. The Blogroll was powered by the Links Manager, Links Menu, and Links Widget. This was how you could add all your friends’ blogs as a hyperlink from your blog. There were vast Blogroll networks. Some were very elite and difficult to join. You had to know the right people and pay the right price to get added to some of these elite lists. The result was a long… LONG list of links in everyone’s sidebar that linked to hundreds of other sites. This was how you were discovered. But this trend piggy-backed off the somewhat shady SEO practice of keyword stuffing, or link stuffing your content in order for the search engines to find you and consider your page relevant. WordPress retired the Link Manager from Core back in February 2013 (though you can still install it as a plugin). Since then WordPress users have relied primarily on good-old-fashioned content creation and SEO best practices. While no one really misses the Blogroll
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