The WordPress WP REST API v1.2.3 adds extensibility and functionality to an already robust and trusted content management system. It offers a significant benefit to any WordPress developer, or any user with specialized business needs, in niche application development. Incorporating the REST design features and custom post types into WordPress code transforms it into an entirely new application framework that can adapt to customized data types, leverage new software-as-a-service ecosystems, and remain relatively easy to understand and maintain. This API promises a reliable return on investment of time and money because its core functionality is less likely to break when new datatypes are introduced or third-party protocols are changed, A RESTful application programming interface (API) offers the developer a functional flexibility to WordPress that will also extend its longevity as a reusable tool. This article outlines the benefits to users and developers by briefly describing the significance of REST as both a general web design concept and specific WordPress feature. Leveraging post-WordPress v3 improvements, like user-implemented custom post types, extends what is already a popular
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