Over a year and a half ago I set out to build an educational product called WP Field Guides. One that could help small businesses get a bit more educated around WordPress development and its best practices. However, as alternative to my services, give an option to those potential customers that for one reason or another did not become a client. As of today, I’m pulling the plug on it. WP Field Guides will no longer exist in the manner it does today. Field Guides will no longer be a product that anyone can buy. In fact in the spirit of community, I’ve decided to continue to produce them, but give them away as free content within this website. I’m really not one for putting out numbers, or other metrics around the business. However I tend to learn more from those stories of failure or specific decisions that shape the business itself. As entrepreneurs we all have tons of ideas swirling around in our heads. We decide to take action on a percentage of those ideas, but only a small percentage of those ideas become a success. I wanted to share with you the journey of one of my ideas that I took action on, but then took a bit of a left turn. I’d like to share with you the reasons for my decision
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