WordPress manages to impress everybody due to it’s flexible code and the comprehensiveness of it’s administrative platform. The WordPress Administration panel gives you full access to every piece of content that you publish and every piece of content that your visitors get to see. Besides that, is a pretty friendly environment for you to work with and quite productive. However, when it comes to branding and customization, the admin panel doesn’t include as many functions as we would wish for and that’s why we decided to bring some of them to your attention. In order to function properly, we recommend you to include the desired code snippets within a custom made plugin or within your theme’s functions.php file. Check out how to create your own fully customized plugin file in WordPress. 1. Remove the WordPress Icon From Admin Bar Left Corner By default, WordPress includes a small “W” – WordPress logo within it’s default admin bar. You can remove this by using the following line of code: 2. Remove the Footer Copyright of Your Admin One popular request from the WordPress users is about the WordPress customization process and the administration copyright notices that appear. You can remove
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