WordPress is steadily evolving. Every year there are several major releases, not to mention hundreds of new themes and plugins. Sometimes it’s hard to believe how far WordPress and the entire community have come. I mean, the plugin directory alone by now houses more than 40,000 plugins. Forty freakin’ thousand, and no end in sight. However, this kind of overabundance can create its own type of problems. Because, let’s face it, who has the time to try them all out? Therefore, right now I want to take the opportunity to talk about some highlights currently found in the WordPress plugin repository. Yet, instead of the usual suspects that are on all the best-of lists, I will concentrate on rather recent additions to the plugin directory or plugins that have seen major changes this year. I will also stay somewhat off the beaten path and put the spotlight on lesser known specimen. That’s why you won’t see too many entries with the Yoast SEO kind of fame attached to them. If you are looking for that, check our 32 Must-Have (And Free) WordPress Plugins. All clear? Good, then let’s go over some of the best free WordPress plugins 2015 has seen so far. Plugins For WordPress Development We will
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