How many times have you heard the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" in your life? Let me guess: a couple of dozen times, at least. The usage of this sentence is so widespread that when people hear it, they don't pay attention to what these words communicate. Since they've already been told over and over again, it seems their meaning gets diluted over time. Besides the overly-stated cliché, what's important here to understand is the importance of visual elements when combined with specific text in communicating with others, especially when you're working with developers and designers. Crafting a proper, complete, and informative project brief needs to be your top-priority activity when looking for outsourced WordPress development. I know somebody might think that creating a project brief shouldn't take too much time since it's not "actual development" and things aren't moving forward. But let me tell you this: more than 45% of the tasks and projects posted here at Codeable are skipped because none of our 190+ WordPress experts wants to take them. The main reason being: project briefs are poorly executed, thus developers keep themselves away from those pain-in-the-ass type
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