At the rate WordPress is growing, it’s impossible to promote all of the awesome little bits and pieces it contains, which means that some features get overlooked. In this post, I hope to show you at least a few things you don’t know about everyone’s favorite CMS. Get ready for awesome! 1. Paste to Make a Link This one blows everyone away because so few people seem to know about it. When in visual mode in the post editor, you can select some text and paste to make the selected text a link. Usually, you would expect the selected text to be replaced with a link but not so in WordPress. Time savings ahead! 2. Delete the Post Name to Regenerate It If you rename a post before it is published, you’ll generally want to edit the link to make sure the post name follows the post title. If you click edit and just delete the whole thing the post name will be regenerated based on the current title. Stare in awe at the power of WordPress. 3. Screen Options Are per User Screen options may be something you already know about, but probably don’t take advantage of. They are not only saved in cookies and in the database but are stored per user, which means that you can set up a completely different layout
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