Earlier this year, Nick Haskins, founder of Aesop Interactive LLC, announced he was selling the company. Haskins was initially going to list the company on Flippa but after receiving advice from Syed Balkhi, used FE International to facilitate the sale. FE International is composed of website brokers that do the heavy lifting to help businesses find buyers. An anonymous company based on the US East Coast without ties to the WordPress community is the new owner of Aesop Interactive LLC. Although terms of the deal are not public, Haskins confirms that he received close to his asking price of $100K. When Haskins put the company up for sale, he specified two conditions the new owner must follow. Aesop Story Engine MUST absolutely be maintained and kept free. Editus must continue forward with development, in some way shape or form. It’s unclear what the new owner’s plans are for Aesop Story Engine, Editus, and Story.AM. Advice for Selling Your Company The WordPress ecosystem is filled with thousands of companies from individuals to 50+ person agencies. Haskins offers the following advice for those thinking about selling their business, “Make sure that the books are buttoned up tight, because
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