Following our AMA last week with Rachel Carden, it's my pleasure to announce that this week's AMA will feature Collis Ta'eed, CEO of Envato, which is behind the likes of ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, Tuts+, etc. The AMA will start at 6AM Melbourne Time, 11am Pacific, 2PM Eastern, 7PM UTC. Some facts about Envato that you might find interesting, - The start of Envato was in August 2006 which was after six months of development, when they launched FlashDen. - The early days took place in a bedroom, a living room, and then a garage. Money was tight and the founders Collis, Cyan and Jun freelanced at night and on weekends to pay the bills. Fast Forward to today and Envato has multiple marketplaces where millions of people buy themes, plugins, music, photos, video, etc. And Tuts+ is where millions of people go for free tutorials and paid courses. - It's has over 5 million members - There are currently over 7.5 million items on all of the Envato market places - The top selling theme of all time on Themeforest, Avada, has been brought over 170,000 times - By 2014 it had paid out over $224 million to its users - Also in 2014 the number of authors to make $1 million in sales reached 30! So, pretty big growth from 2006, and on Wednesday you get to ask questions to the CEO behind all of that! Next week (Tuesday 24/11/2015) our guest will be Matt Danner, the Chief Operating Officer at iThemes
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