Have you recovered from thanksgiving yet... ;) Just wanted to give you all some notice, our next AMA will be taking place this Wednesday (2nd Dec) at 9AM Central Time, with Cory Miller, founder and CEO of iThemes Cory is a former newspaper journalist, turned web entrepreneur. In January 2008 he founded iThemes, which as we talked about last week with Matt, they provide WordPress themes, plugins and training, whilst also employing over 20 people around the world. He's a published author, having co-written a WordPress All In One for Dummies book - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wordpress-All---One-Dummies-Computers-Lisa-Sabin-Wilson/dp/0470877014/ref=la_B004KTMG8Q_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1448564115&sr=1-2 He's a public speaker and has spoken at many WordCamps - https://wordpress.tv/speakers/cory-miller/ He's the co-founder of The Div, a nonprofit tech foundation aimed at inspiring and training the next generation of web developers through its kid’s program, Div Jr, which you can learn more about at http://thediv.org/ He's also been generously sharing his experience with depression and counselling, in an effort to get more people talking about their mental health and to show that it's OK to get help. Which if you want to dive deeper into, check out his presentation at http://wordpress.tv/2015/07/02/cory-miller-entrepreneurship-and-my-mental-health/ or a podcast he did at http://wptavern.com/wpweekly-episode-198-tackling-mental-health-with-cory-miller or where he wrote about his own experiences at http://corymiller.com/everybody-hurts-including-me-and-its-ok-to-ask-for-help/ You can follow Cory and what he's up to at http://corymiller.com/ and https://twitter.com/corymiller303 Or you can check out https://ithemes.com where he also writes. Next week, we'll be taking a one week break and then be back on the 16th Dec with Brian Gardner, founder of StudioPress and partner at Rainmaker Digital
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