I hope your weeks started well, just to give you all a heads up, our next ama will take place this Wednesday with special guest, Rachel Carden. Rachel is a web developer & designer within the student affairs division at the University of Alabama. She obviously has experiences managing large web projects at universities, the challenges that come with that and with managing a large multi-site network! She's currently got 4 plugins in the WordPress plugin repo, including "CPT-onomies", https://wordpress.org/plugins/cpt-onomies/ which lets you use your custom post types as taxonomies. And a brand new plugin "Rock The Slackbot" https://wordpress.org/plugins/rock-the-slackbot/ which helps you stay on top of your WordPress website, by sending notifications of changes, straight to you and your team inside your Slack account. Changes such as a posts being published, updated, deleted, or when new media is added/deleted, or when a plugin/theme is updated, etc, all within your slack account. She's also the organizer behind a number of meetups and conferences, such as HighEdWeb Alabama, Alabama WebTide, Tuscaloosa Web Pros - http://www.meetup.com/Tuscaloosa-Web-Professionals/. And a brand new conference, WPCampus, which is "a community and conference focused on using WordPress in the world of higher education" - http://wpcampus.org/ which you can still get involved in, be it as a planner, speaker, sponsor or attendee. You can learn more about Rachel at https://twitter.com/bamadesigner, http://bamadesigner.com/ and http://wpdreamer.com/ Next week (18/11/2015) our guest will be Collis Ta'eed, CEO at Envato
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