I love side projects. They are what wake me up at night with excitement; they are what causes light bulbs to flash on inside my brain while walking my dog; they are what motivate me when all other motivation is lost; they are the distraction from my worries; they are a fundamental part of who I am as a developer; and they are an integral part to the success of so many of this world’s greatest developers and business owners. Now, I want to tell you a short story. After graduating high school in 2007, I attended the University of Kansas (KU) and earned a degree in linguistics, the scientific study of languages. Specifically, I focused on the phonology of Kaqchikel Maya, a truly beautiful language. Throughout my four years at the university, I took 17-21 credit hours per semester. In plain English, that means I was in classes for 8 hours per day followed by several hours of studying each night. While taking a much larger-than-normal course load, I also worked two part-time jobs on the university campus to help cover my living expenses. Also during this time, I was dating a girl that lived an hour away and worked hard to spend ample time with her every week as I was hoping to keep her around
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