I am an adamant fan of Gravatars in comments. You know, those little photos also called avatars? It adds so much more value to your comment when people can see the face behind the words. In fact, I have an old post on my blog here where I talk about why everyone should have a Gravatar. Now as you may know, if you do leave a comment, and you don’t have a Gravatar account set up, well, whatever default image you choose to show is what we see. And to be honest, I am sick and tired of these default avatars that come with WordPress. Wapuus To the Rescue What the heck is a Wapuu? ????Wapuu) is the official mascot of ja.wordpress.org. This little creature is showing up everywhere in the WordPress community. If you are interested in knowing more about it, you can check out this FAQ. What Does This Have To Do With Comment Avatars? Wapuuvatar is a free, fairly new WordPress plugin. It generates random Wapuus for commenters who are Gravatar-less. If you scroll through the comments on this post, you will see a few of them scattered about. As you can see here, it’s easy to install. Once the plugin is activated, you will have these two options under Settings > Discussions. I would recommend not using
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