Hot & Spicy, BuddyPress 2.4.0 “Pietro” is delivered! Let’s discover the toppings that the team is most proud of in this latest major release. Drag, Drop, your cover image is awesome! Built on top of the BuddyPress Attachments API, Cover Images beautify your profile or group header. Thanks to the BuddyPress Theme Compat API, Cover Images should integrate with your Theme in the best way and adapt to your device screen size. If you need some “fine-tuning” of this feature, an in-depth guide is available on our Codex. Should you need further assistance in implementing this feature, just drop by the BuddyPress forums where you’re sure to find BP users able to help you. Profile fields specific to your member types Introduced in 2.2.0, the Member Types feature allows developers to categorize the members of their community in any way they choose – say, students and teachers. If your community uses this great feature, you can now specify that profile fields be made available to either one, some, or none of the registered Member Types. Ready for Twenty Sixteen 2.4.0 comes with two new companion stylesheets to make BuddyPress content work and look even better in the upcoming Twenty Sixteen theme
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