One person in a garage making millions online. Any business is tough at the best of times. Really, it is. That’s not a cliché I use lightly. I hate clichés but this one is spot on. At the best times in your business you’ll still be fighting for your position, fighting to grow and fighting to stay alive. Just ask Kodak, Polaroid or VW. Then ecommerce arrived and with it, many myths. Myths so vast and so widely and blindly believed that they haven’t gone away. I’d liked to dispel some of the myths around ecommerce and this article will try to do just that. My experiences at Nic Harry — The luxury sock company — have taught me some long and hard lessons about ecommerce (and retail) as a business. Nothing has been easy or simple and almost everything has come with an immense amount of work. Here are the lies we believe and the truth behind them. Ecommerce is passive income. I have never been more active in my entire life. Since I started Nic Harry I have worked more, thought longer, built aggressively, and hustled harder than I have on anything else. Ever. Ecommerce is not for the lazy. Retail is not for weak. If you are selling a digital product, fine, maybe you’ll get away with less work.
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