It is well-known that WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems available for building and maintaining a website. While a big part of that success is due to the ease-of-use, another big part of that is the wide variety of themes and plugins that are available to make WordPress do just about anything you can think of. What gives plugins and themes their true power is the Plugin API, which is a set of Actions and Filters, collectively known as Hooks, that are embedded within the core WordPress codebase. The goal of this post is to demystify the WordPress Hooks and enable you to start diving in and using them. An Example — LEGO® Most people have at least heard of, if not directly experienced, LEGO® toy bricks. With these toys, you can follow instructions in a set and build your own toys to play with. You can also creatively build something entirely new using your own imagination. Or you can combine the two approaches and customize a pre-designed set with your own modifications. All of this is made possible by the way that individual LEGO® pieces fit together: the bumps on the top and the gaps on the bottom, as well as a few other types of connections. In our analogy,
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