Professional hockey players do not get to the top of WordPress mastery by accident. It takes superhuman levels of time, dedication, and focus – and that includes paying attention on what to read and where to find the needed. In this series, CMS2CMS takes a look at the transformation of Mark Zahra. Better yet, provides you with all required for your website to progress. A passionate WordPress follower & user currently occupying the roles of contributor for WP Mayor & as Project Lead for the WP RSS Aggregator plugin shares what to read on a daily basis and who to listen to perform at best. Here’s a look at the daily sources of an avid hockey coach and WordPress player Mark Zahra. Mark, could you share with our readers a bit of your background? How long have you been a part of the CMS world? When did the desire to get involved with the tech ground come into your mind? I was first introduced to the CMS world when I was asked to start contributing to my hockey club’s WordPress site about 3 years ago. A short time later I also decided to leave University mid-way through a course in architecture, after which I was looking for a new experience in a completely different direction than the one
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