Matt Mullenweg is the co-founder of WordPress, and founder and CEO of Automattic. In this interview, we talk about their new editor, and more. I had the opportunity to interview Matt Mullenweg about an ambitious project that included more than a year and a half of development to create an all new interface, both for the web and a desktop app. The project was codenamed Calypso, and we talked about many aspects fo Calypso, as well as a variety of subjects that relate to it. You can subscribe (and you should!) to the Post Status Draft Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or via RSS. If you like the show, I’d highly appreciate if you share it with your friends and colleagues. Why did you make such a big bet on Calypso? Matt has talked for a while now about his vision that WordPress can become an “app platform”, and this is an example of what that meant to him. He also notes how he’s always looking for things that will “move the needle” for greater WordPress adoption. We were both thinking about the same statistic: that roughly 96% of users (and probably a high number of users too) essentially abandon their websites after a short tenure. So
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