As we gear up for the release of WordPress version 4.4, many developers are planning some cool features that they’ve been waiting for years to implement. These features revolve around term metadata. The original Trac ticket is over 6 years old. A potential roadmap was outlined by Andrew Nacin a little over 2 years ago on the changes that would need to happen to get term meta in core WordPress. Even if/when those changes happened, it didn’t guarantee the inclusion of term meta. Fortunately, this long sought-after developer feature was green-lighted for WordPress 4.4. And, it’s awesome. What is term meta? Terms are individual objects within a taxonomy. For example, the category taxonomy can have many categories (i.e., terms). Meta (short for “metadata”) is simply additional data that can be tied to an object. This data can pretty much be anything. Term meta, therefore, is additional data about specific taxonomy terms. WordPress has long allowed for meta on other types of objects, such as: Posts Comments Users If you’ve used WordPress, you’ve used metadata in some way, even if you didn’t know it. Metadata is actually pretty important because it allows plugins (and even core itself) to
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