After causing $1.7 billion in damages in the first documented DoS attack in early 2000 the techniques behind DDoS attacks have only become more potent. While many hosts tout DDoS protection, can they really do anything when faced with an attack of epic proportions? Denial of service (DoS) attacks are nothing new – according to Britannica the first documented case dates back to early 2000. Despite being the first one it was a doozie, Amazon and eBay were brought to their knees, resulting in an estimates $1.7 billion in damages. Today DoS attacks have only become a lot more sophisticated, their potential to do damage has been multiplied many-fold as multiple networks can be utilized to create distributed attacks called DDoS attacks. Thankfully, the protection we have against these attempts to bring our sites down has also become a lot more potent, but can hosts really cope? The answer is not that simple. What Is A DDoS Attack To make sure we’re on the same page, let’s go through what denial of service actually is, the basics are pretty simple – even though there are quite a few sub-types. The simple goal of these attacks is to overwhelm your server with traffic. That’s really all there
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