What's the goal? I'd like to solve a problem you don't yet know you have. At the end of this project, all WP REST API endpoints registered via plugins and themes will automagically be usable as WP-CLI commands. By supporting this project, you make it possible to push and pull posts (including custom post types), users, and other WP REST API data between separate WordPress installations with one simple WP-CLI command. Need a copy of a post on production? Use wp post pull. Need to push your menu changes to staging? Use wp menu item push. You get the idea. WP-CLI is known for delightfully surprising its users: Contribute to a more RESTful WP-CLI, and unlock the potential of the WP REST API at the command line. Plus, all of the rewards are designed to help you and your team take full advantage of everything WP-CLI and the WP REST API can do together. Why is this campaign important? This project matters because both WP-CLI and the WP REST API offer CRUD interfaces to WordPress, and the functional components for WP-CLI's internals are duplicated by WP REST API endpoints. By using WP REST API endpoints to power WP-CLI, we can remove a lot of code from WP-CLI. However, putting a substantial
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