WordPress has always been the center of attraction for the world. It starts with the numbers first, 60 million websites, approx. 24% of the entire web utilize the WordPress platform, and that adds value to what WordPress have to offer to the economy and people surrounding the ecosystem. With so much to offer, in terms of number, it is no doubt that WordPress also holds the potential to provide a working job to people. For example, I am an avid WordPress writer who loves WordPress and what it has to offer. It is versatile CMS with an ecosystem that bring the best out of any website. So, the real question is “How to make money with WordPress?“. Well, there is not a single answer. There are a lot of ways one can make money using WordPress, and another good news is it you can also earn if you don’t know coding. Exciting, right? Let’s not waste more time and get started with the options one can have of making money using WordPress as the only basis. We recommend reading: Before we start, I want to discuss on how important the ecosystem is. The ecosystem of the WordPress is mainly composed of the themes, plugins, tutorials, and developers and you name it. Without the components, WordPress
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